<aside> ๐Ÿ‘‹ Hey there! I'm Vincent, Engineering Director at Capdesk from Carta, and I'm glad you are interested in our hiring process for engineering.

This document will give you a high level overview of what our hiring procedure is, what steps to expect and how much time this can take.

I hope you find it useful!

๐ŸŽ‰ย  Capdesk joins Carta to create a global equity management solution!


The process is made of three main phases.

All in all, the entire process should take about 2 weeks on average. It can be shorter or longer depending on everyone's schedules. We are flexible - we aim to spend your time respectfully through it all, give you feedback as we go along, and learn from the experience to improve our process as well. Donโ€™t hesitate to flag if your timeline doesnโ€™t fit ours and weโ€™ll adapt.

The first phase kicks in after we have talked to each other โ€” via email or LinkedIn โ€” and we both see that there could be a good opportunity for you at Capdesk from Carta. We will then agree on a suitable time to kick things off!


Phase 1 โ€” Initial Conversation

This is a video or phone call of around 30 minutes with the recruiter for the position, Kacy!

The objective of this phase is to validate two things.

  1. That Capdesk from Carta and this opportunity is the right one for you.

  2. That you are the right person for Capdesk from Carta and this opportunity.

It's like a matchmaking exercise!

This will be done via a video call or phone call, which ever you prefer. We want you to feel comfortable and confident during this first step (even though we love seeing actual faces).

See it as an exploratory conversation. We will want to know more about your background, your skills and ambitions. We are also going to talk about what you're looking for in a new position.

We should also align on broad salary expectations to make sure that there's a potential fit and to respect everyone's time. Bring your questions, we'd love it if you leave this discussion with all the answers you are looking for.