Team First in 2022

2021 saw Capdesk launch its Team First working culture in response to the pandemic (and everything that came with it). We successfully pivoted what once was an office based culture to a remote culture.

As we, thankfully, emerge from the pandemic we are entering a new era which brings opportunities to evolve, adapt and what we do best; iterate. Some companies refer to themselves as remote first, or remote by default. We want this, but we also want more. We want people to work in the way that they're the most productive and that suits them the most. We want to be flexible.

<aside> 🧭 Remember: it's not destination, it's a direction. We will never get there. We strive towards being as team-first as we can. It will take a lot of hard work, innovation and initiative but we will continuously improve.


What did we learn in 2021?

We want to make everybody successful no matter their work format, location, family, mental health, time zone, etc.

We need to prioritise the following in all our work

We must empower all our teammates to work how they work best